Out of ‘site’, out of mind? The Hidden Ladies of the Ventilator

Guest post by Amy Galvin-Elliott Historically, women have had a contentious relationship with the Houses of Parliament, and their access to and interaction with the spaces of Parliament provides an illuminating co-narrative to their journey towards enfranchisement. The Vote 100 project is a really exciting opportunity to recreate and try to imagine some of the... Continue Reading →

Votes for Women in India: the early female MPs and their lobbying for Indian suffrage

Guest post by Sumita Mukherjee The 1918 Representation of the People Act, which enfranchised some British women over 30, had a broader impact beyond the British Isles. In commemorating the centenary of this Act, it will be important to acknowledge some of the broader geographical legacies of this suffrage victory. Many British suffragettes and suffragists... Continue Reading →

‘The lady Liberal agent’

‘The lady Liberal agent’: Bertha Fischer (1875-1920) and Ellen Pocock (1854-1943) Guest post by Kathryn Rix In July 1902 the ‘Ladies’ Column’ of the Dundee Evening Telegraph ran an article on ‘Novel professions for women’, featuring ‘The lady Liberal agent’, Bertha Bowness Fischer. She had recently passed the professional examination held by the Society of... Continue Reading →

‘The Burning Question’

One hundred years ago, votes for women gained support in Parliament thanks to Speaker James Lowther.  'I endeavoured to push off the burning question of women's suffrage as long as I could.' (Speaker Lowther, 'A Speaker's Commentaries') Speaker James W Lowther was remembering a Conference on electoral reform which discussed and then recommended votes for... Continue Reading →


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