Exclusive! Extracts from ‘Rise Up, Women!’ by Diane Atkinson

Diane Atkinson Rise Up Women

Here at Vote 100 we’re really looking forward to all the great new books on women’s suffrage which are coming out for the centenary. We were delighted last year to reveal the cover image and extracts from ‘Things a Bright Girl Can Do’, Sally Nicholls’ great new novel for young adults.

We’re now thrilled to be able to give you three exclusive extracts from Diane Atkinson’s upcoming book, ‘Rise Up, Women! The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes’.

Diane Atkinson Rise Up Women

We’ve been reading the book and have been really impressed by all the detailed research Diane has done to uncover the roles of so many women! As well the famous names, such as Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia Pankhurst, there’s a huge number of almost forgotten women from all kinds of backgrounds in this book. Young and old, rich and poor, from all over the UK and Ireland, doing all kinds of jobs – actresses and composers; boot makers and cotton workers; teachers, doctors, shop workers and cooks – all part of this really rich tapestry of stories.

Diane’s book covers the well-known organisations such as the WSPU, but also much more obscure ones like the United Suffragists. And you can find out about every aspect of suffrage campaigning including processions and overseas tours, window-breaking and painting-slashing, rushing Parliament and the census boycott; as well as the horrors of hunger-striking, forcible feeding and the Cat and Mouse Act.

Rise Up, Women! Exclusive chapter excerpts


Extract One – Chapter 10 – ‘The March of the Women’: No Vote No Census 1911


Extract Two – Chapter 4 – Purple, White and Green: Suffragette Spectacle 1908


Extract Three – Chapter 18 – ‘Slasher Mary’: Mary Richardson Attacks the Rokeby Vensus 1914



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